Open plan offices have been the industry norm for close on a generation. The expectation of people working within this format, is that they need to come to terms with the ambient (or not so) noise and lack of privacy this creates…or do they!

There are occasions in any office when privacy and a space that provides it, are sort after: a place to make a personal phone call, engage in a sensitive and focused one-on-one conversation, or to simply find a nook to gather your thoughts. The reality is that many office environments just don’t, or simply can’t cater for this basic human need.

Time you joined the Quiet-Revolution.

Quiet-Revolution has been specifically designed to allow the user (or users) to sit, spin and be completely enclosed. The science behind the acoustically insulated walls provides mid-frequency acoustic privacy and a sense of being in the office but out of it also.

Quiet-revolution is a kiwi-inspired design and is manufactured locally. The product incorporates:

·       A moulded pine shell with laminated ply

·       Internal steel frame

·       Double bearing swivel 

·       Pirelli webbing suspension system

·       Commercial high density foam

·       Felted NZ wool covering

·       Quiet-Revolution 1.2 is fitted with internal power and data, worktop and TV screen

Quiet-Revolution can be easily customised inside and out to accommodate the look and feel of the existing workspace, as well as supporting branding needs.

With well-being and productivity in mind, Quiet-Revolution provides a simple, contemporary and above all effective solution. Isn’t it time you entered the Quiet-Revolution?