BUILD Shelving

BUILD is another inspired, design award winning concept from German company MOVISI. This simple, light weight interlocking shelving system based on a single geometric unit, also serves as a whole new concept in partitioning.  The versatile freestanding (or wall mounted block) can be stacked to suit a wide range of situations and really makes a thrilling but simple statement in retail and office environments, and also in the home.

When illuminated, BUILD takes on a new energy moving from an attractive and practical wall feature to become an arresting spectra.

Build is available with a closed or open base and in a selection of colours and is manufactured from ARPRO (Expanded Polypropylene) a high performance plastic foam that is incredibly lightweight (95% air), 100% recyclable, toxin and emission free, allergy friendly, energy absorbing (used in Porsche and BMW bumpers) and easy to clean.