LINK Partitioning

LINK provides a fresh and dynamic approach to tired partitioning concepts. Manufactured in Germany, LINK lives up to expectations by simply…linking together to provide freestanding, interlocking partitioning.

This unique, flexible and simple system really is child’s play to erect. Link requires no tools and just begs to be changed at a whim, the combinations and applications are infinite. Kick LINK of in reception and then weave it through the office, into break out areas and casual meeting rooms; and then integrate lighting to add a whole new spin on the concept.

Link is ideal for short and long term retail environments and provides a practical, creative and easy to manage option for expo stands that want to stand out.

Link is available in a selection of colours and is manufactured from ARPRO (Expanded Polypropylene) a high performance plastic foam that is incredibly lightweight (95% air), 100% recyclable, toxin and emission free, allergy friendly, energy absorbing (used in Porsche and BMW bumpers) and easy to clean.